The Caucasus Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts

The accomplishments of the Caucasus Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts are detailed in books, photographs and documents of high historical significance preserved in the archives of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

DIY Approaches to “Traditional” Music: Some Global and Local Models

There is an opportunity here to apply these models across the Caucasus, take note of some of new approaches to the recording, preservation, and promotion of “traditional” music, and to heighten our understandings of the incredibly diverse and multifaceted musical cultures the region has to offer.

40-year-old flag in a country with a 14-year-old flag

It’s a cliche, but I have to start with a taxi anecdote. On May 10, I was curled up in a backseat of a taxi, when the driver pointed at a women’s shop window and said that they’d put those umbrellas in there too. When I asked him to specify, he replied that he meant LGBT umbrellas.

Away with MOMA

The people who care about contemporary arts have been awaiting a permanent venue for years and years now. Ideally, it would both showcase international trends and contribute to the local discourse in contemporary visual arts.